Selena Quintanilla, born in Lake Jackson Texas on April 16,1971. Her name was a coincidence, and suitable for her. They picked the name from a patient form the same hospital at the same time they were going to have their baby. They had picked a name already for a boy which was MarcAnthony, but when they knew that they were blessed with a girl, they use the name the woman had picked for their baby which turned out to be a boy. Selena. The name alone characterizes her vibrance, her talent, and charisma.

Her father, Abraham participated in a group called "Los Dinos" in his bachelor years. They would go to different gigs, hoping to get accepted to play and be liked. It was a struggle at those times, something that probably remains vividly in Abraham's memory. He had a great passion for music and the enviroment in which it settled in, but then he settled down with a loving wife and three loving children. Even with his family, he took time aside at home to play small tunes that he used to play at his gigs. It was until one day Selena displayed her undiscovered talent, her voice. Abraham was so impressed of her adaptive and matured voice that he wanted to start a band. Selena Y Los Dinos.

After their pratcices he saw theat they were really talented. As opposed to his other job, Abraham started a Mexican Restaurant in which Selena y los Dinos would play their music. When the oil industry went bust. they had to shut down their restaurant, "Papa Gayos". They were then on the road and performing in gigs were methods of putting food on the table. All of those gigs payed off in the long run.

In 1989, she was one of the last acts in a festival rodeo and Jose behar, president of EMI Latin, was there at the right place at the right time, soon he signed up Selena with a contract hoping to make Selena into a singing sensation like Gloria Estefan and Mariah Carey. in 1989 her self- titled debut album was released in the summer. It was not until "Ven Conmigo" in 1990 which catapulted Selena into a sucess but a wider audience. After ":Ven Conmigo" more records became produced and her music was reaching across the Southwest region of the U.S. In 1993 she won a Grammy® for "Selena Live". Her later album in 1994, "Amor Prohibido" had also reached the charts and went double platinum which was also nominated for a Grammy in "Fotos y Recuerdos". Music was not the only hobby Selena wanted to do. Since she was small, she always wanted to design clothes. With the dream coming true with Selena Etc. Inc., Selena again achieved sucess. She had everything she could want, a guaranteed career, a loving husband, Chris Perez, her contract with SBK records and her fashion buisness, but soon that all will come to an end.

It was a person that Selena trusted as her confidant, Yolanda Saldivar. She was the President of her fan club which handled all of Selena's buisness transactions and her botique. Yolanda seemed to care so much for Selena and Selena's buisness that she worked long hours with Selena in the boutique. Yolanda considered herself important because she was included with her buisness and her family.

One day Abraham was investigating some records from the botique and discovered that Yolanda was embezzling money from the buisness. Some of Selena's contacts suspicted sometimg going on with Yolanda, but when they confronted with Selena, she would not belived that Yolanda would be a person like that until the proof was discovered. It took her dad to make Selena realize that Yolanda was not the person everyone though she was.

On March 30,1995, Selena and Chris Perez went to a Days Inn Motel in which Yolanda was staying to get missing records for the buisness. They went there, got what they needed and left. While Chris and Selena was in the car, they noticed that still some of the records were missing. Selena called Yolanda back and explained that there were still missing records for the buisness. Since it was late Chris and Selena decided to leave it for the next day.

On March 31, 1995 Selena woke up early in the morning to get the other part of the records from Yolanda. She knew she had a rehearsal for the English album, so she went to the Days Inn motel and then decided to head for the studio afterwards.

In the room 158 of the motel, Selena and Yolanda were obviuosly arguing about the subject matter. While they were arguing, Selena got shot by a Yolanda Saldivar. Trying to escape was Selena where she later callapsed at the Lobby of the Days Inn Motel. Doctors tried to save her but a major artery was puntured by the bullet which prevented her from recovering. On March 31,1995 later in the afternoon Selena was pronounced dead from loss of blood.

Her music still lives in the heart of millions throughout the day. Her legacy is never forgotton. That is why Selena is still so popular even today and years to come. We are very thankful that we are able to expirience such a great talent that touch us all in special ways. Her english album went at No.1 on Billboards the first week and displays her versatile voice and what could of been. All we have is her memory and music to live by for years to come. She would want to be remembered not as an idal, but a good example and role model.