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Johnny Canales Presents: Selena




16 Performances in which Selena performed on the Johnny Canales Show.

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TBD Selena Live: Corpus Christi, TX Concert DVD No additional information.
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Thirteen Years Later, Selena Still Lives in the Hearts of Many


March 31, 2008

It was the day that Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez was brutally gunned down at a Corpus Christi motel. It's not the type of anniversary anyone wants to remember, but it's one that certainly can't be ignored. For the Quintanilla family it's a solemn occasion full of sadness. For Selena's legion of fans, it is an opportunity to pay tribute and reflect. "Every time we pass through here my daughter asks, who is that pretty lady," says Rebecca Simerly. Adding, "I said thats Selena and she says where are we going today and i said we're going stop and see Selena. Simerly and her daughter Emily are from Port Lavaca and came to Corpus Christi for a doctor's appointment. One of their stops was the Selena statue. Rebecca says it was just something she had to do on this 13th anniversary of the singers passing. She says he had to explain why to her daughter. "I said well today is the anniversary of her death. And she goes, she died and i said yes. She asked me what happened and i kind of told her and she says OK mom i want to see it .So we're here. So we've made many trips to corpus for her doctors appointment and today we stopped, just a mother daughter thing today." Tributes to the fallen singer could be heard on radio stations throughout coastal bend. Many folks we spoke with said they planned to watch the Selena movie, the Hollywood bio-pic that tells the story of the Tejano super star. Rudy Trevino, 3News.

Viewpoint: 13 Years Ago - Life, Legacy of Selena

By Julian Cavazos - 31 Mar 2008

I remember exactly what happened on this day 13 years ago. I was in fourth grade, and had just turned 10. I took the bus home from school, and walked into my house. Just then I saw that a family friend sat on our couch watching the news and crying. "What's wrong?" I asked. She looked at me and said, "Selena just died." I didn't believe her. Now if you don't know who Selena is, she is a Tejano singer of the 1990s. Maybe you've seen the movie, made in 1997, with Jennifer Lopez playing the part. Selena led an entire genre of music on her shoulders. Tejano, or "Texan" in English, is a mixture of American popular music, traditional Mexican music, country western, the accordion and polka all rolled into one. Selena was considered to be the Queen of Tejano music and the Latin equivalent of Madonna. I went straight into my room, turned on the radio, and sure enough, it had been true. All local South Texas radio stations were playing her music as a tribute and giving updates on her murderer, who had locked herself inside her red truck at the Days Inn Motel, threatening to commit suicide over what she had just done. I imagine Selena's death to be similarly shocking as John Lennon or Elvis’ dying. It seems too impossible to be true. My parents were fans of the singer and saw her rise to fame. I became a fan at age eight when my parents took me to see her sing at a Fourth of July concert in nearby McAllen, Texas. That was the first concert I had ever been to and it didn't take long before I developed a crush on her. She was very pretty, I thought. She was making it into the big-time, winning numerous Tejano music awards and recording her first English cross-over album to appeal to popular music fans. She was supposed to be the next Gloria Estefan. Her English album, "Dreaming of you," released post-humously, became the fastest-selling Latino album at the time. Then on March 31, 1995, her life was taken away. Fans called in requesting her songs, and as I listened to them, I started to cry too. My "girlfriend" had just died. Not only did I enjoy her music as a kid, but she was also a good role model for both male and female Latino youth, encouraging us to stay in school, out of drugs and to follow our dreams. She was killed by her fan club president, Yolanda Saldivar, at a Corpus Christi Motel. Selena met her there to discuss some missing checks Saldivar had stolen, and held Selena at gunpoint. As Selena tried to run out of the hotel room, Saldivar shot her in the back. Selena died in the emergency room later that day. She was only 23. I've read the story of her death many, many times. I reflect upon this every March 31. Today, 13 years later, as I look back on all the articles, televised broadcasts and magazines of her life, music and death, as I watch the movie "Selena" on an occasional basis, as I see this new generation of English cross-over artists like Shakira and Ricky Martin, as I look at the entire Latino community as a whole, I think Selena had an impact on all of these things. She also had an impact on me. I am the same age now that she was when she died. I am sure she was not perfect, and I don't think she was the greatest artist that ever lived, but she was real. She exerted her talents to the furthest possible and remained faithful to her family and moral standards. She was happily married, was always laughing and was devoted to her fans. Many of the rising generation of children know who she is. Even my Canadian companion knew who she was. I often wonder where she would be today if she was alive, and I bet she'd be up there with Mariah, Celine, and Whitney. Regardless, she still remains the Queen of the now nearly-dead Tejano music genre, and remains as the Queen of my heart. My "girlfriend." Julian Cavazos is a print journalism major. He is from Edinburg, Texas.


Tejano Lives

Selena was only 23 when she was murdered. But 13 year after her death, the Tejano star is being mourned now more than ever.

By Joshua Alston | Newsweek Web Exclusive

It seems as though a celebrity dies every day, perhaps because our fame-obsessed culture has widened the parameters of "celebrity." As a result, we've become inured to the deaths of celebrities. There's the initial shock, but it wears off quickly, usually because not much time passes before it's on to the next one. Brad Renfro's death was sobering only while Heath Ledger was still alive. And then there was the case of Selena Quintanilla-Perez, the Tejano singer who was shot by a business associate in 1995—exactly 13 years ago this week. She is still being grandly memorialized at a level that is confounding to those who don't understand her cultural significance. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton dedicated a post to her, and at press time there were nearly 300 comments on the post, most in fawning praise of the singer, who died at 23. Her hometown paper, the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, assembled a large package on the singer, and there are sure to be scores of visitors to the Selena Memorial, a life-size bronze statue situated near the waterfront. Selena was certainly a talent whose life ended too soon, but why does her death continue to resonate within the Latino community? At the time of her death Selena was just at the verge of exploding nationally. She was often referred to as the "Queen of Tejano Music," a style that originated in Texas and modernized a traditional Latino music called conjunto with keyboards and glossier production. Tejano music had become so popular in Texas that major record labels were preparing to descend on Tejano outposts like San Antonio, much in the same that record executives descended on Seattle in search of the next Nirvana. She released five Spanish-language albums, collecting Tejano Music and Grammy awards along the way, and was working on an English-language album that was expected to break her as a major crossover pop star. But before she could reach her promise, she was killed by Yolanda Saldivar, the director of her fan club, over a financial dispute. There was an outpouring of grief following her death, which took by surprise many who had not yet heard of the rising star. "Even after her death I don't think anyone expected the outpouring of emotion," says Catherine Ragland, an ethnomusicologist who teaches at Empire State College in New York. "There were makeshift memorials, 30,000 people who showed up at her funeral—and no one expected that, and it was confusing to people because she still hadn't crossed over in America." The Austin American-Statesman hired Ragland to cover Tejano and Latino music in the area following Selena's death, because the intensity of the response revealed a blind spot in their coverage. Selena's title of "Queen of Tejano Music" was quickly replaced with a new one: "The Mexican Madonna," which grew in popularity as people unfamiliar with Tejano music had to have the significance of Selena's death explained to them in terms they could understand. But it's hard to imagine people would be holding candlelight vigils to commemorate the 13th anniversary of Madonna's death, and that's because the Madonna comparison doesn't do justice to Selena's cultural impact. Much is made of the fact that Selena was poised to cross over in America, but what is not addressed as often is that she had already broken a different—perhaps equally difficult—barrier. "She was really the first Tejano artist to cross over in Mexico, and that sort of legitimized the music," Ragland says. "But it also created what felt like this link between Texas Mexicans and those in Mexico. A lot of Texas Mexicans felt like it wasn't easy to cross into Mexico, because there was insecurity about language issues and culture issues, and here was a Tejano artist who managed to break the Mexican barrier. Not to mention a lot of Tejano artists were in the habit of dyeing their hair or changing their appearance to appeal to a wider audience, and Selena didn't do that. She had dark hair, she had the curvy figure, and people responded to that." The reason Selena still has such impact years after her death is because her significance is more than that of a pop star, even one with a beautiful voice and an auspicious beginning to her career. She was a symbol to Latinos of progress and the potential to assimilate into mainstream American culture on one's own terms, without having to leave a rich culture behind. It's easy to be flippant about the outpouring of emotion that comes from the death of a celebrity you knew nothing about. That's why it's important to understand why Selena still has candles lit for her 13 years after her death. She wasn't a singer; she was a larger-than-life cultural symbol who also had great pipes.

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This Tuesday (02.06.07) Q-Productions will release the 1st of a 5 series cd set available at most retails stores titled "Classic Selena."5

Track listing as follows:

1. Pensando En Ti
2. Dame Tu Amor
3. Dame Un Beso
4. Con Esta Copa
5. Soy Amiga
6. Corazoncito
7. Sentimientos
8. Pero Como Te Ha Ido
9. Pa'Que Me Sirve La Vida
10. Lo Dejo Solo

Inside notes:

It was 1985 and Selena had just turned 14-years of age. She was both excited and nervous about recording. A.B. had been feeling very frustrated with not being able to get songs from top writers in the industry. Abraham, our dad, encouraged AB to experiment with writing songs of his own. The result was "Dame Un Beso", the first collaborative work by A.B. and Ricky Vela. Another song that made the cut was "Con Esta Copa", a hit recorded by the original Dinos back in 1964. Last but not least, a song that also made the album was "Dame Tu Amor", which was the first song that my dad co-wrote with Ricky.

.::First Ever Selena Stamps::.

Selena, “Queen” of Tejano Music, Honored on U.S. Postage

Premier Postage offers limited line of first-edition U.S. postage commemorative sheets

SEATTLE , WASH. (October 4, 2006)– Premier Postage is honored to announce today the release of a commemorative sheet of U.S. Postage that features the image of Grammy Award winning, Latin artist Selena Quintanilla. This commemorative sheet issue honors the late recording star and marks her first appearance on U.S. postage.

For the first time, the public will be able to purchase, collect, and use the official Selena postage. The 8.5” x 11” commemorative sheet features nine oversized first-class U.S. postage labels, plus a rare Forever in our Hearts label. The release of this postage via Premier Postage fulfills a dream for both family and fans and further underscores Selena’s place as a pop icon.

“We are extremely proud of the impact that Selena’s legacy continues to have in the world of music and beyond,” said Abraham Quintanilla, Selena’s father. “This is a tremendous honor to Selena’s memory as well as a celebration of her life.”

Premier Postage is able to offer these products as a result of the expanded customized postage program from the United States Postal Service. Premier Postage has teamed up with Pitney Bowes, an authorized customized postage vendor, to bring these exciting products to the consumer. Unlike traditional postage stamp releases by the U.S. Postal Service, this is a private venture by Premier Postage.

“Our release of the only official Selena postage is the perfect way to introduce consumers to the concept of licensed U.S. postage,” said Mike Samora, president of Premier Postage. “By featuring U.S. postage with imaginative designs and highly recognizable celebrities from the arts, sports and entertainment world, we’ll deliver products that will be sure to delight collectors and fans for years to come.”

The 2006 Series Premiere edition of the Selena postage commemorative sheet retails for $19.99 and will be available for purchase for a limited time, after which it will be archived. These sheets are not available in U.S. post offices. Interested fans can purchase the sheets exclusively from Premier Postage by visiting


District Attorney Releases Book Depicting Trial


Carlos Valdez is the District Attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas. He has been a prosecutor for the last 25 years. At the time of the Selena murder trial Mr. Valdez was serving in his first term as district attorney. Presently, he is well into his fourth elected term.
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Mystery of the Selena Logo Revealed.



As many of you all are aware of the famous Selena logo are wondering if there is a "Selena Font" in existence. Well, the answer is no.

The reason being is that this logo was actually created by a company called "A Big Chihuahua".

If you go there and go under "Galeria" and then "Identity" you will see that they have Selena as one of their clients who EMI Latin hired the "Big Chi" to design a brand. If you notice, Selena didnt sign on with EMI Latin until 1989. If you notice all her album covers before 1989, the famous Selena logo was never published, so this was definatley a EMI Latin/Selena purchase because everything after 1989 was now branded with this now famous Selena logo. The "Big Chi" also developed Selena's first self-titled debut album released under EMI Latin.

Hard Rock Celebration Showcases Selena Memorabilia


The Alamo City will be rocking on Wednesday, August 31 as Hard Rock Cafe San Antonio receives a memorabilia overhaul. Hundreds of new artifacts from Hard Rock International’s world’s greatest collection of rock memorabilia will be installed, including a full-length red velvet cape worn by James Brown and the black pin-striped suit worn by Tejano singer Selena at the grand opening of the San Antonio cafe.

The cafe's new memorabilia also pays tribute to the area’s rich musical heritage, showcasing a contract hand-written by Texas-native Buddy Holly from 1954 and a sketch drawn by Janis Joplin, when she was a high school student in Port Arthur.

To celebrate its revamped memorabilia collection, Hard Rock Cafe San Antonio will pay tribute to late legendary guitarist and Texan “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott with a memorabilia dedication, led by his friends and family, including his brother, Vinnie Paul, and girlfriend, Rita Haney. Vinnie and Rita will unveil the custom-made Washburn model guitar, played by “Dimebag” Darrell during his days as lead guitarist for Pantera, which will be installed on the wall as the final piece of new memorabilia at the San Antonio location. Later in the evening, Drowning Pool will take the stage at Hard Rock Cafe San Antonio for a free live performance – the band’s second performance since naming Ryan McCombs, former lead singer for Soil, as the new frontman.

Additionally, Hard Rock International and Norman’s Rare Guitars of Tarzana, Calif. will donate 20 guitars to various local music education programs, including Alamo Music and the VH1 Save the Music Foundation, Network for Young Artists and NEISD School of the Performing Arts, to help develop the rockers of tomorrow. Representatives from each of the music programs will be in attendance that day to receive the guitars on behalf of the organizations.

What: Hard Rock Cafe San Antonio memorabilia overhaul; Guitar donation to music programs (5 p.m.); “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott memorabilia dedication (5:30 p.m.); Performance by Drowning Pool (8 p.m.); “Rock Across America” Mobile Tour

When: Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Where: Hard Rock Cafe San Antonio, 111 West Crockett Street, San Antonio, TX, 210-224-7625


Former Selena Forever Star to be a Finalist in CBS  singing competition.


Who will be 'La Nueva Estrella?'


CBS is out looking for the next big Latin star, and has possibly found it

LATINO ROCK STAR – WNY resident and renaissance musician “Maxx” will be going head to head with two other finalist this upcoming October to see who will win CBS’ televised competition the Nueva Estrella Awards. Photo by Rod Savant.

 right in West New York. Already named a finalist for the CBS show Rock Star: INXS, seasoned entertainment artist "Maxx" of West New York also stumbled onto the first audition call on the CBS web site for the new show "Nueva Estrella Awards," which was filmed on April 18 at New York City's famed China Club.

"Growing up, I was like any little boy who wanted to be a rock star, but I was also the eldest of six, so I already had to be the big mouth in the room," said Maxx. Maxx played A.B Quintanilla in the Selena Forever musical amongs other creditable broadway shows.

More Information


The HISTORY Channel to Feature Selena as part of Hispanic Heritage Month


08.17.05- Hollywood, FL


The rich history and glory of the Latin culture will be celebrated with a dynamic tribute to Hispanic Heritage Month beginning September 15th on The History Channel en espanol. Joined by Latin Grammy Award-winning recording artist Alejandro Fernandez, the network will air a four-hour miniseries on the history of Mexico; plus, explore El Camino Real, the gold of El Dorado and the mysterious temples of the Maya. In addition, living legends and iconic heroes Pancho Villa, artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, musician Carlos Santana and Tejano superstar Selena will be the focus of profiles.


Program highlights from September 15 - October 15 include: Pancho Villa, a portrait of the rebel leader, hosted by Alejandro Fernandez (Sept. 15); music legend Carlos Santana (Sept. 16); Gloria & Emilio Estefan (Sept 19); Oscar De La Hoya, a profile of the boxing champ (Sept 20); Mexican- born Oscar-winning actor Anthony Quinn (Sept. 22); Che Guevara, the revolutionary icon (Sept. 23); and Eva Peron (Sept. 29). All the preceding will air at 7 PM, ET/ 10 PM, PT. Selena: Death of a Superstar, an account of the life of the beloved singer, airs on Sept. 18 at 10 PM, ET/7 PM, PT.

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Selena Museum sees record visitor count


Visit the information bureau

The Selena Museum has had a record number of visitors this year, the Selena Foundation announced Friday. More than 12,340 guests have walked through the museum doors at 5410 Leopard Street between January and July. There were more than 4,000 just in July.Foundation officials reported a total of 12,229 visitors in 2004.


Museum hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a noon to 1 lunch close, Monday through Friday. Officials ask for a $1 donation.

Selena's Justice Depicted


DA describes Selena Trial In New Book


District Attorney Carlos Valdez writes in his yet-to-be-released book

Photo by George Gongora
District attorney Carlos Valdez displays his new book, ‘Justice for Selena.’

 about the trial surrounding Tejano star Selena's murder that he and police had an escape plan for himself and his prosecutors should the jury not have found Yolanda Saldivar guilty.

"Because we knew something would happen to us," he said. "There were so many people there and there was so much anger."

Valdez labored over the book, "Justice for Selena: The State vs. Yolanda Saldivar," for more than a year, reliving the pressure he felt during a trial watched by fans around the world. He is now proofreading the book and hopes for an October release date."I am hoping for Oct. 9 because that's the 10th anniversary of the start of the trial," Valdez said as he held the 426-page manuscript in his hands.

The book is written in first person and contains excerpts from a daily log he kept and evidence presented in court, as well as his thoughts on the ordeal. He also offers his memories of what he was doing on March 31, 1995, when he first heard that entertainer Selena Quintanilla Perez had been murdered.

Abe Quintanilla, Selena's father and head of Q Productions, was out of town and unavailable for comment on Valdez's book.

After shopping around for a publisher, Valdez decided to go with self-publishing company Trafford Publishing.

"Most publishing places wanted a two year project," he said. "I wanted it this year."

Printing is on demand only and Trafford will charge Valdez between $1,500 and $2,000.

Valdez said he isn't sure how much of a percentage he would receive from sales and hadn't thought about what he would do with the money.

"You know, I don't count my chickens before they're hatched," he said.



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You must write a 5 paragraph essay on what makes you the Selena Ulti.Fan. Letters must be sent along with your name, location, age, and a picture for inclusion on our site. All items must be sent to - entries who do not meet all requirements will not be considered for eligibility in the Ulti.Fan pick. Winner will get a Selena Ulti.Fan T-Shirt! Good luck to all participants!


Local School Includes Selena in a Symbolic Mural

As students filter through the doors of the new Shaw Special Emphasis School in Corpus Christi, Texas on Monday, they'll pass a brightly colored tile mural depicting a broken pinata spilling content that represents the entire Shaw experience, said Principal Faye Webb.

Representatives from Aloe Tile Works met with students in the third, fourth and fifth grades last year to discuss what symbols best represented their school, their activities and their community.

What resulted was a display commemorating Shaw's past and honoring education.

The pinata's contents include an eagle, representing the former Lozano Elementary School; a star, representing the old Shaw Elementary school; the Alamo; several popular children's books, a white rose representing Selena; and a dolphin, leading the charge.


AOL's Today in History Features Selena

July 31st


AOL Radio: All About Selena - Listen to her radio on AOL.

Bittersweet Success
Selena's last album, 'Dreaming of You,' debuted at No. 1 on the charts. It was the first Latin album ever to go straight to the top on the U.S. charts. And by the end of the year, it was certified double-platinum. Dreaming of You was posthumously released a few months after the Latin pop sensation's murder. Selena was shot to death by the founder of her fan club, who was fired after she was caught embezzling money. Her killer will spend at least 30 years in jail. Selena, hailed as the Latin Madonna, is credited for giving mainstream popularity to Tejano music.

> In AOL Music you can hear some comments by her family as part of the tribute to her.


Selena to join Univision Music Group?

Univision Music Group was started and developed in April 2001

Rumor has it that Univision Music Group is interested in signing up Q-Productions' acts like Sesi and Cortez de la Sierra. Does this mean that Abraham Quintanilla, father of the beloved Queen, might also move Selena to Univision Music Group? Jose Behar, who discovered and signed Selena up with Capitol EMI Latin in 1989 became President and CEO of Univision Music Group in 2001. Behar said his departure from the EMI corporate fold was entirely amicable and that the company allowed him to end his contract a year and a half early.

"I just felt it was time to move on and find new challenges -- always

EMI Latin developed in 1989 and with Selena starting off their roster.

 staying in music, of course," he told Daily Variety. "I think I need something else to tell my grandchildren."

The split was in no way linked to the merger discussions between EMI and fellow Big Five label group BMG Entertainment, Behar said.
"With EMI Latin, certainly one would have confidence to believe that life will go on as usual, merger or no merger," he said.

--Excerpts of Behar's Quotes taken from -- Feb. 2001



'Selena' the Movie on Cinemax all Month.

All the month of August Cinemax, a division of Time-Warner Entertainment, will be showing 'Selena' starring Jennifer Lopez and Edward James Olmos. 'Selena' is the biopic of the beloved Queen of Tejano in which shows that with hard work and determination she won the hearts of millions with her simplicity and unique dance/music styles. The movie that made Jennifer Lopez a household name. Celebrate a true American dream that is Selena. Click on the Cinemax logo to see show times and how to get Cinemax in your area from your local cable provider.


Temporary Museum to Showcase Jennifer Lopez's Outfit Worn in 'Selena'

The Lone Star State has lent itself to innumerable films over the years. Many of them simply document life in Texas, but more often than not, the stories are of more mythic proportions.

The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin takes a look at those films with its latest exhibit, "Texas Movies," today through Sept. 4.

"Texas Movies" includes artifacts from more than 80 films, such as costumes, props, production documents and promotional materials. The design drawings and finished costumes from Giant are on display, as are Faye Dunaway's dress from Bonnie and Clyde and the stretch-fabric outfit that Jennifer Lopez wore in Selena.

The exhibit is not intended to be comprehensive; several notable Texas films are not represented. Among them are Lone Star, Hope Floats and All The Pretty Horses.

But the exhibit is an entertaining, interesting look at some of the state's biggest hits. The Museum runs from July 9th to September 4th.


More Information

Lasting Tribute


EMI Latin releases DVD of selections from Selena tribute concert in Houston

Selena fans lucky enough to attend the April 7 tribute concert in Houston might want to buy the "Selena: Vive!" DVD to remember the occasion. Those who stayed home, on the other hand, will find it comparable to a certain light beer - it tastes great, but

The DVD, released by EMI Latin and available online and at major retailers today, contains pieces of the historic concert, which drew some of the world's biggest Latin acts to honor Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez on the 10th anniversary of her death. The televised version was the highest-rated Spanish-language TV special ever, according to Billboard magazine.

Because the show has been cut to 40 minutes, a dozen or so acts are omitted, including her brother's band, A.B. Quintanilla y Los Kumbia Kings; Paulina Rubio; and Selena's original band, Los Dinos, whose members reunited for this event. Also absent is the finale, in which many artists returned to the stage to sing with Selena's recorded vocals for "Como la Flor."

Representatives for EMI Latin attributed the exclusions to licensing issues.

What's left on the DVD is presented effectively, though. The sound and visual quality are crisp, and the footage contains enough varied camera distances to capture the magnitude of the concert and the singers' expressions, which probably were invisible to most of the 50,000-plus attendees.

Standouts include Thalia's "Amor Prohibido," Gloria Estefan's "I Could Fall In Love" and Alejandra Guzman's spirited, risque take on "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom." The only somewhat questionable pick is Aleks Syntek's duet with Fey on "Donde Quiera Que Estes," a performance that seems either lip-synched in the first place or re-dubbed for the DVD.

"Selena: Vive!" is set up so viewers can watch the string of performances from beginning to end or pick one song at a time. The former option, labeled "ver todos" ("see it all"), doesn't offer labels of the artists or titles, and it leaves out intermittent tributes and reflections. The DVD also has no option for subtitles.

The concert footage ends with a short montage of Selena moments and a mildly touching piece from an interview. Also on the disc are three classic Selena videos, "La Llamada," "Dreaming Of You" and "No Me Queda Mas," shot on San Antonio's Riverwalk.

It's a touching testament to Selena's musical and cultural legacy that such an esteemed array of performers participated in the concert, especially when, in many cases, each sang only one song. Viewers will get that sense from this DVD, though they won't get the whole picture.


Book on Selena Trial Almost Done

The deal is done for a book giving a behind the scenes look at the trial of the killer of Selena.

The release date is October 9, the 10th anniversary of the start of the trial.

District attorney Carlos Valdez wrote the book which answers question like, what role did Dr. Martinez play in the case? And was Yolanda acting alone when she shot Selena?



Q-Productions Launches New Site!


That's right, Q-Productions ( has just made over their complete site with many extra features that will leave you coming back for more. Surf in with a new Selena flash section depicting her discography and even download a video collage of her. While you are there check out the many other Q-Productions' artist!


Thanks to all the visitors!


Ever since the phenomenon of the Selena Vive concert, fans have been noticing at lot more than ever. In fact in the month of May alone we have received a total of over a million (1,040,097) hits and it just keeps getting stronger! Once again thanks to all of our visitor who's undying support helps keep this site up in the memory and legacy of Selena. Past month's visits:

April - 919,833 hits

March - 358,821 hits


Selena on TV in South Florida

If you happen to live in sunny South Florida, on Sunday June 12th WFOR will be showing a special called "Sonidos Volume 8: Latin Legends". WFOR is a CBS affiliate station in South Florida. This program will air June 12th at 12PM/et.



Selena Vive! DVD




Burnett's Cinco de Mayo : A Tribute to Selena      

The program has a different Hispanic cultural theme each year, but Resendez gave the students a chance to choose their own theme this year and it was unanimous - they would perform a "Tribute to Selena," the late Tejano singer. The students sang and danced to Selena songs and performed one traditional Mexican folk dance - all in celebration of their Hispanic heritage and its newest legend.

For Resendez, Selena is a perfect role model for these children.

"She was young and they relate to youth. She encouraged them to stay in school and to continue - and the songs are clean," she said. Full Story


Selena Vive concert: Breaks records

A record-breaking number of Hispanic viewers joined more than 50,000 devoted fans who last month attended Univision's star-studded tribute concert in honor of slain Tejano-music superstar Selena.

The concert took place in Houston's Reliant Stadium, next door to the Astrodome, which was the site of Selena's last concert in 1995.

The telecast achieved a record-breaking 35.9 household rating to become the highest-rated and most-viewed Spanish-language TV special ever. It was also the No. 1 program regardless of language among adults 18-34 in Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco and tied for first place in New York. More Info


If you live in Kansas City then listen up... 

As part of the Cinco de Mayo celebration, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City will be holding a Selena “Look-alike” and “Act-Alike” contest. Act One, the first stage of the contest, will be on Saturday, April 23 at Club Alvarez, 1436 Kansas Ave. in Kansas City, Kan. Registration begins at 8 p.m. and performances open at 9 p.m. Participants must be 21 years of age and must provide their own music. The top three contestants from Act One will perform at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Fiesta in the Heartland, held Saturday, May 7 at Crown Center, in Kansas City, Mo.
For more information
click here.


Selena's Unforgettable Albums in Billboard

Since the release of Unforgettable, her albums are now gaining at number 17 and 18 on Billboard's Top 25 Latin Albums.


Relive the moments that bought a constellation of latin Artists to one stage.Keep checking back for more videos of this grand event!


Selena Honored at the the 25th Anniversary Tejano Music Awards.

While the best in Tejano music today were honored Saturday night, the Tejano Music Awards also recognized one of its brightest stars, Selena Quintanilla Perez, whose brilliant career took Tejano music to its highest levels.

Organizers of the event played a video tribute to the late Tejano star who was gunned down in a Corpus Christi motel 10 years ago.

Most of the footage, which was gathered from Selena’s various performances at the Tejano Music Awards, had not been seen by the public in more than a decade.

It followed her career from her start with Selena Y Los Dinos to her work as a solo artist.


Honoring Selena
Sales will begin on March 7 at Circle K stores

Selena fans will be able to honor her memory starting March 7 with a commemorative cup that will help ensure the future of others.

Circle K and the Coca-Cola Co. announced Monday they would team up in raising funds for the Selena Foundation for the 10th anniversary of singer Selena Quintanilla Perez's death. All Coastal Bend Circle K stores will sell four styles of 44-ounce commemorative cups with a portion of the sales benefiting the Selena Foundation.

"We wanted to do something special to remember her," said Coca-Cola's Gil Hernandez, adding that Selena had been a representative for the company. "We felt raising money for the foundation would be a great way to do that."

Abraham Quintanilla, father of slain Tejano singer Selena (left) and Circle K President Roger Smith prepare to unveil commemorative cups of the singer Monday. All Coastal Bend Circle K stores will sell the cups, with part of the sales benefiting the Selena Foundation.

Through the years the Selena Foundation has been active in the Coastal Bend by awarding scholarships and supporting programs like Operation SOS that provides school supplies to needy children.

Circle K expects to sell more than 200,000 cups at $1.19 each during the one-month period.

Circle K President Roger Smith said the company was anxious to pay tribute to the artist and performer who meant so much to the community.

Selena cups
A series of four cups will pay tribute to Selena and raise money for her foundation.

Available: Starting March 7
Where: All Coastal Bend Circle K stores
Number of designs: 4
Price: $1.19 each

"I don't think there is a Circle K customer that doesn't know who Selena was," Smith said.

A limited supply of the entire four-cup collection also will be available for $5 on the Q Productions Web site,

Hernandez said he expects the campaign will raise $14,000.

Abraham Quintanilla, the late singer's father and head of Q Productions, said he appreciated recognition of his daughter and all her accomplishments.

"The most important thing is this will benefit the foundation," he said.




AB Quintanilla & Kumbia Kings to Duet with Selena.

While they remain atop the charts with their latest studio album "FUEGO," A.B. QUINTANILLA III & KUMBIA KINGS are announcing a special surprise for their fans. On March 29, they release the CD/DVD package "DUETOS," which includes 10 of their greatest duets on CD, and five videos on DVD. DUETOS" includes three new tracks. First and foremost among them is the single "BAILA ESTA KUMBIA," a remake of SELENA’s 1990 hit. As a tribute to SELENA, the legendary singer and role model, A.B. QUINTANILLA III & KUMBIA KINGS incorporate her original vocals into their remix. A.B. QUINTANILLA III opens the song with a heartfelt dedication. Speaking in Spanish, he says: "Ten years have gone by since my little sister is no longer with us, but thanks to all of you, today her memory shines brighter than ever." A.B. continues his message, saying: "On behalf of my family I thank you for all your support and for celebrating the life of Selena …That’s why I’m asking all of you to get on your feet, and to keep singing and dancing her legacy. Selena – Queen of the Cumbia, and Kumbia Kings – Kings of the Cumbia…" "Duetos" includes another updated Selena hit that KUMBIA KINGS have turned into a duet – her English crossover smash "I Could Fall In Love," which originally debuted in the Top 40 less than four months after her tragic death. The third new track is "Don’t Cry Mama," an English version of Ricardo Montaner’s classic ballad "Déjame Llorar." Montaner himself appears on the song, along with Grim and Dapper Don. The DVD includes the videos for "Reggae Kumbia," "Mi Gente," "No Tengo Dinero," "Fuiste Mala" and "Azúcar."

"Duetos" will be available in two configurations: CD only, and CD/DVD.


Future EMI Releases

Selena Remembered, the first CD/DVD collection to be released in these coming months as part of the Selena 10th Year Anniversary material. Univision is preparing a series of tributes to Selena which includes the gathering of the largest groupof  latin artists to sing her unforgettable songs in concert in April. "Unforgettable", "The Ultimate Collection", and "Selena's The Last Concert", will be released in just a few short weeks, respectfully on the 15th of March and the 19th. With a special CD tribute titled "Selena...Rumbo al homenaje" which is now available where CDs are sold, Univision prepares the grand list of artists for the concert which will be televised from Houston Texas next month. The artists confirmed for the tribute include Carlos Vives, Thalía, A.B. Quintanilla & Los Kumbia Kings, Aleks Syntek, Banda El Recodo, Los Dinos, Gloria Estefan, Fey, Ana Gabriel, Alejandra Guzmán, India, Lucero, Jay Pérez, Bobby Pulido and Pepe Aguilar, singing the Queen of Tex-Mex's songs in a concert that will be 3 Hours long in which Univision will televise on April 7th at 7:00pm.


Simultaneously last month Selena Remembered was released, the first CD/DVD series to be released as part of this tribute. Selena Remembered is the VHS re-release of the Edward James Olmos narration of Selena's life, music, and her dream. Next EMI Latin will release "Selena's The Last Concert, and "Unforgettable, The Ultimate Collection" which will be released March 15th and March 29th, respectively reuniting inedited videos and the best hit songs of this latino authentic icon that left us on March 31st 2005.


Selena ¡Vive! has now been confirmed and tickets will go on sale on March 15th through ticketmaster. Some of the artists that will be attending are international hit stars such as Thalia, El Banda Recordo, Bobby Pulido, Gloria Estefan, Fey, Ana Gabriel, Alejandra Guzman, and many more.


Selena cups go on sale and at Circle K stores across Texas. Be sure to collect all 4 designs commemorating Selena's 10 Year Anniversary. If you do not live in Texas, Q-Productions has them for Pre-Order at this time. Visit for more information.


Selena Remembered releases on DVD including a CD accompaniment. Selena Remembered which was released in the mid '90s as a VHS has now been released in DVD format. Included in the DVD is a CD with hit songs that were included in this documentary narrated by Edward James Olmos. Pick up your copy where music is sold.






Nancy Kerrigan skates with Selena's "A Boy Like That" song. Watch it here.

Back by popular demand, a fans tribute video, using Michael Jackson's cover to "She's Out of My Life"

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